Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Episode 11 - eSports and Board Games

Tzvi has betrayed his nerd roots by embracing sports culture. Even if it is video game sports. LS, meanwhile, has retreated into the past with his growing love of games played with cardboard over games played with keyboards. An episode edited by the literal skin of my teeth, as I am probably going to be late for work in order to get it uploaded on time.

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Nick's board game collection:

Monday, February 8, 2016

Episode 10 - Music Piracy and Fallout New Vegas

Kilovh blatantly ignores the "Dumb Stuff" mandate of our podcast by forcing LS to talk about music piracy. LS is passionate about his radical views on this subject, which makes it a little scary to talk about in a public space. Kilovh is a cruel taskmaster. Ironically, LS mostly keeps his foot out of his mouth until the second topic: Fallout New Vegas. Somehow this utterly benign topic gets a little out of hand, and LS starts shouting about people who have bad wrong fun. Hyperbole abounds in this episode. It's a weird listen, but hopefully enjoyable.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Episode 9 - Pizza and Monikers

Kilovh is back from New York, and he's got a lot to say about pizza. Dude waxes poetic about junkfood, it's nuts. Then we talk about our names, and hopefully clear up any confusion about why we both seem to have more than one. At over an hour and twenty minutes it's the longest episode we've done so far, with plenty of juicy tangents, and a lot of really dumb stuff taken way too seriously.

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During the podcast Kilovh convinced me to try putting Siracha on my pizza, so I did it while I was editing.