Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Episode 2: Wind Waker Sucks, and No Man's Sky is Gonna Suck

Much improved since Episode 1. LS unloads all of his hatred for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. And Kilovh is worried that procedural generation will never be able to create the kind of interesting environment that No Man's Sky will need in order to be engaging.

We should probably make an episode about something other than video games.

Episode 1: The availability of historical periods in video games, and Community (Alternate title: "The Learning Experience")

Kilovh is worried that we're running out of fresh historical periods to set video games in, and LS really likes community. This is a bad episode.

Episode 0: What if we made a podcast?

Kilovh: I kind of want to try podcasting.
LS: Me too.
Kilovh: Wanna do a duo? I could be a good straight man.
LS: Yes.
Kilovh: Okay, it's settled
20 minutes after this conversation over Steam chat we were testing various ways of recording audio. Then I took the recorded audio and edited it into something that vaguely resembles entertainment.